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There Are 3 Types Of Yacht Rentals:

Owner Rentals (Peer-To-Peer) – Part of the same sharing economy as Airbnb and Uber, where the owner rents out their boat for a day using an app. They are not in the charter business, they just want to make some extra cash. Usually the renter drives the boat themselves. This is a great way to rent a boat cheaply, and many times it works out fine, but review sites are full of horror stories of completely ruined vacations. When not dealing with a professional, all sorts of bad things can happen, like flying to your destination and having the owner cancel an hour before the trip is supposed to start. Or the boat having lots of mechanical problems and not being nearly as nice as the pictures. Or getting charged for damages you didn’t cause, with no way to dispute it (they already have your security deposit). These are just some of the many problems, so we recommend against using this type of rental.

Day Charters – A licensed boat captain will take you out for a day of sightseeing, adventure, and fun. Weekly Charters – Like being on a luxurious private cruise, with a captain and crew to constantly pamper you and attend to all of your needs. To solve the problems associated with traditional peer-to-peer boat rentals, we offer an exclusive day charter fleet, from only owners we approve personally, with only boats we inspect personally to make sure they meet our high standards of quality. And we also require the use of a captain from our preapproved list.For higher-priced, more luxurious day charters, we work with yachts in hundreds of popular vacation destinations. For weekly vacation charters, we have access to over 2,500 yachts through a centralized database, with photos, prices, descriptions, that we will search to create the trip of a lifetime for you.